Bashrun - X11 application launcher based on bash

Note: This version of Bashrun is deprecated. The 0.x series is no longer actively developed. Bugs will be fixed only if they are reported, and no new features will be added. It may eventually cease to work in the future.

Please consider using Bashrun2 instead.

Bashrun provides a powerful application launcher by running a specialized bash session in a small terminal window, conveniently providing bash features like tab-completion and history.

Additional features include user configurable rules for automatically launching certain commands in a new terminal window, looking up manual and info pages, performing dict and google queries, defining bookmarks for webpages or piping command output to the clipboard.

Users can add new functionality by defining arbitrary rules for rewriting commandlines based on regular expression matches and file test operators. This makes new features like file associations or web shortcuts trivial to implement.

For more information please see the Manual and FAQ. View some Screenshots here.


The latest stable release is bashrun-0.16.1.tar.gz. See the Changelog for details.

It is recommended to also install xdotool (>=1.20100416.2809). Bashrun can use xdotool to keep running in the background, reducing startup time and saving resources.

ArchLinux users may install bashrun and xdotool from the community repository.


$ tar vxf bashrun-0.16.1.tar.gz
$ cd bashrun-0.16.1/
$ su -c './'

Bashrun will install into /usr/local by default. Use the --prefix option to install to a different location. You may also run the install script as a non priviledged user, e.g. to install into your home directory.


Bashrun is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The sourceforge project page can be found at

(c) 2008-2010 Henning Bekel <h dot bekel at googlemail dot com>